Tokyo immigration office

Certificate of Eligibility

 A foreign national must, in principle, satisfy the following conditions for landing in Japan before he/she is permitted to enter the country with the status of residence and period of stay authorized.


1.    The activities that the foreign national will be engaged in while in Japan as stated in the application must be true and must fall under one of the status of residence categories.

2.    The foreign national must hold a valid passport with a valid visa if necessary;
3.    The period of stay as requested in the application must comply with the provisions of the Ministry of Justice Ordinance.
4.    The foreign national must not fall under any of the grounds for denial of landing

A Certificate of eligibility proves that the relevant foreign national conforms to 1 out of the conditions for landing listed in 1 to 4.
By presenting this certificate at the time of the examination for landing, the examination procedures will be smoothly carried out. The status of residence of "Temporary Visitor," for such purposes as sightseeing, visiting relatives, and short-term business, is not covered by this system.

Merits for our client

1. You can apply based on a wide variety of regulations.

When deciding to approve or reject a visa application, the Immigration Bureau considers not only the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act but also a huge variety of internal regulations and internal directives. So it is clear that anyone drawing up the application documents that does not have a thorough knowledge of these rules is at a major disadvantage. There will be cases where that disadvantage can have a big influence on the result.

2. Supporting documents are selected appropriately.

The documentation requested by the Immigration Bureau for a visa application are the bare minimum documents they require in order to accept the application. In many cases, preparing and submitting just these documents is not good enough. It is normal for any visa applicant to have their own particular factors that count against them, and it is necessary to make up for these with appropriate paperwork. And if there are factors that can't be covered, there are cases where it is possible to compensate for them with an even greater number of factors that count in their favor.

3. You don't have to visit the Immigration Bureau.

If you engage the services of our office, we will submit documents to the immigration authorities on your behalf and you don't need to visit the crowded Immigration Bureau multiple times.

4. We also have consultations on Saturday.

In order to facilitate our clients, if you make an appointment in advance, we can arrange a consultation on a Saturday(or Sunday).

Our Fee

Application for Certificate of eligibility : 100,000 yen

After the issuance of the Certificate of eligibility

1. Procedure for entry into Japan

a. The person listed on the Certificate of Eligibility is to apply for a visa

    at an overseas Japanese embassy or consulate.

b. He / She is to show his / her Certificate of Eligibility to a visa officer

    there at the time of a visa application.

C. When a visa is issued, the Certificate of Eligibility will be returned to

    the applicant , who is to present it to an immigration inspector at an

    airport or port at the time of his/her application for a landing

    permission to enter Japan.


2. Cautionary Items

a. As one of the requirements for entry into Japan pursuant to Article

    7-1-2 of the Immigration -Control Act the Certificate of Eligibility is

    useful for easier and faster procedure to enter Japan at the time of

    arrival at an airport or port in Japan.

    Indeed this document makes it easier to obtain a visa issued at an 

    overseas Japanese embassy or consulate.

b. Those who do not obtain a nessary visa in advance in accordance 

    with the procedure explained above are refused to enter Japan at

    an airport or port in Japan.